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Enniscrone boasts so many attractions and activities

Kilcullen Hot Seawater, Steam and Seaweed Baths

Located On Site @ Waterfront

As the name suggests it is a bath full of hot sea water with seaweed added but to confine the answer to a factual description is to do a great injustice to what it is, to the thousands of people who enjoy it, the ultimate bathing experience ….
Guesthouse Beside Enniscrone Beach
Imagine that you are immersed in an enormous bath, luxuriating in expensive bath oils. as you relax you experience weightlessness .. you are floating in a tranquil amber tinted sea of unashamed luxury …… You are enjoying the unique experience that is a Seaweed Bath. The silky oils are those extracted from seaweed by a simple process, nothing is added, nothing is taken away – simply natures best. The water in your bath is seawater pumped in from the unpolluted seawaters of the Atlantic that lap in the shore just a stones throw away from your bathroom.

The amber tint in the water is caused by the extraction of iodine from the seaweed, one of natures richest sources of this therapeutic element. A Relaxing Therapeutic Massage is the perfect complement to a Seaweed Bath.


Surfing in EnniscroneChallenge the Surf waves @ Waterfront

We offer tailored packages so you can just stroll for your room to the waves with ease. Enniscrone is now well known for surfing the breakers on the beach. During the summer season there two surf schools working from the beach which are both ISA approved. There is no feeling so exhilarating as catching your first wave, Enniscrone is the perfect place to introduce yourself to the wonderful world of surfing, whether you are trying surfing for the first time or wishing to improve two surf schools are available in a safe and enjoyable environment with surfboards and wet suits provided.

Enniscrone Golf Club

Situated beside the picturesque seaside town of Enniscrone (also spelt as Inniscrone), the golf course affords panoramic views of Killala Bay, Bartra Island and sandy beaches with Nephin and the Ox Mountains forming the backdrop. Founded in 1918, redesigned by Eddie Hackett in 1974 and by Donald Steel in 2001, this Irish championship course is one of Ireland’s finest authentic golf links. Apart from the championship links known as The Dunes, there is also the splendid 9 hole Scurmore course.

The Sunset Spa

Relax and Pamper yourself at Sunset Spa, Enniscrone with one of there specialised Signature Massages. Indulge your senses in the Luxurious Thermal Suite – Professional Therapists will whisk you away on a journey to a place where time ceases to exist……. You will return soothed, de-stressed and revitalised..

Waterpoint EnniscroneWaterpoint

Unique fusion of water park, health suite and sports centre has made it one of Enniscrone’s most popular attractions Waterworld-type facilities include a 65-metre flume waterslide and a children’s pool. The sports centre has floodlit Astroturf pitches, and the heath suite, a state-of-the-art gym, a steam room and a jacuzzi.

Learn to Surf

With two Surf School’s, all surf lessons are conducted in a fun environment with an emphasis on safety and enjoyment. they run group and individual lessons, Surfing Lessons are 2 hours long and take place in waist depth water under the careful supervision of our surfing instructors who are in the water with the surfers at all times.

Waterfront House Guest Accommodation, Wine Bar, Restaurant, Cliff Rd. Enniscrone Co. Sligo